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Masked Jack o' Lantern with Hat Ornament #OWC133


Masked Jack o' Lantern with Hat Ornament #OWC133. 4 3/4" tall x 3" wide x 3" deep. This ornament is a blown glass re-creation of jack o' lantern, a Halloween icon which has existed for centuries. The tradition originated with an Irish legend about "Stingy Jack". Jack, because of a deal with the devil, couldn't enter heaven or hell after his death and had to roam the Earth. He was given a burning coal to see with, which he placed in a carved-out turnip. This led to a new nickname, Jack of the Lantern. People carved scary faces into turnips to ward off Jack and other wandering spirits. Settlers in the United States found that pumpkins worked even better. New. *If you like this ornament, also see #OWC132.